Three Popular Options for Iron Freestanding Bathtubs

Freestanding bathtubs always have a level of presence and personality that alcove-bound designs lack. Installing a freestanding tub in a bathroom is a sure way to make the entire space more notable and striking, whatever the particulars.

Tubs made from cast iron have a heft and substantiveness that can boost this effect considerably. Iron Freestanding Bathtubs have been around for many years but have recently surged in popularity thanks to this fact. A quick look at some of the most commonly sought-after options will reveal there are plenty of possible choices.

Cast-Iron Tubs Available in Many Different Designs and Configurations

Cast iron is a versatile material that can be formed and finished in many ways. This is true even of bathtubs, and dozens of different cast iron designs are available at any given time.

As such, shoppers looking for freestanding tubs of their own never lack for options when it comes to cast iron products. Some of the designs and features that most often tempt particular buyers include:

  • Slipper layouts. Many cast iron tubs feature relatively simple, symmetrical contours. The so-called “slipper” style of freestanding tub ups the ante on one end and slopes gently back down toward the middle. The raised portion of a slipper tub will provide better, more comfortable support to a bather’s back than will a simpler, more conventional design. The extra elevation over one half of the tub will even help keep splashing water contained.
  • Rolled rims. The rim of a freestanding tub will always be noticeable, and its design has functional implications as well. Rims that are rolled downward to produce a rounder, gentler edge look elegant and will be more comfortable to lean on.
  • Copper coatings. Cast iron tubs are most often finished within with porcelain enamel, but there are other practical options for the exterior. Tubs coated with copper below the waterline on the outside weather over time to develop a warm, appealing patina.

The Perfect Freestanding Tub Awaits Online

Shopping online for a freestanding tub made from cast iron will reveal plenty of other options and designs to consider. Buying a freestanding tub can easily be the best way to make a bathroom more welcoming and distinctive.